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  • Solar Towable Light Towers

    The machine is mainly used in the field of expressway and national highway for night construction. Mining, Industrieis, Disaster relief, Emergency Rescue 320W/400W/480W/560W LED Manual Push Portable Light Towere etc, It has high brightness, but would not dazzle people. The...
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  • Movable Light Towers

    It is equipped with 4x140W high efficiency LED floodlights powered by a rechargeable battery pack. This light tower guarantees a great reliability and a perfect sustainability. Mobile version with site-tow or road trailer.
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  • Solar Movable Light Towers

    Biglux Solar movable light tower is a brand-new mobile light tower equipped with 4x320W high efficiency LED lamp floodlights. More than 160 hours of running time and one of the lowest sound pressure level in the industry: only 58 dB(A) at 7 meters.
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  • Removable Light Towers

    Biglux's removable solar light towers are our biggest and most powerful, providing extremely bright lighting with long run times for areas. Common applications include pit mining, large construction sites, expansive parking lots and freight yards. These light towers feature...
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  • High Power Light Towers 30ft Telescoping Mast

    • Four high-output LED lights • Telescoping 30ft tower • Power-operated winch easily raises tower • Year-round autonomous operation • Automatic and manual operating modes
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  • High Lumen Solar Powered Light Towers

    • Four high-output LED lights
    • Battery powered
    • Automatic solar charging
    • Adjustable-tilt solar array
    • All welded structural steel trailer
    • Wide trailer with A-frame drawbar
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  • Solar Removable Light Towers

    • Telescoping tower deploys with dual winches
    • High-efficiency light fixtures provide uniform light pattern
    • Lights can be individually aimed without tools
    • Tower rotates 358 degrees, even while lights are raised
    • Lights operate at any height
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  • Jobsite Solar Lighting Tower

    biglux led light tower guarantees a great reliability and a perfect sustainability. Mobile version with site-tow or road trailer. IP66 waterproof plug - in connector for field maintenance. When replacing the module, rotate the male needle clockwise. When the male needle is...
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  • Outdoor LED Lighting Tower

    A mobile light tower specifically developed for mining applications. Thanks to its LED floodlights, the BIGLUX provides a very high illuminating capacity and all the benefits of the LED lamp. Those benefits include robustness and low maintenance due. High brightness, low...
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  • Telescopic Mast Solar LED Lighting Tower

    A lighthouse with a light vertical retractable mast in the world.BIGLUX solar mobile tower lamp, Europe's best-selling mobile lighthouse. The lamp has powerful metal halide lighting and a long, retractable mast that can illuminate a very large workspace.
    It is available...
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  • Solar LED Mobile Lighting Tower

    Solar LED lighting tower lamp is a kind of lighthouse with mobility and convenience. It is a combination of four tower lights, a battery and a removable car. The operation is simple and convenient, and the operator can learn it in a short time. The device is ideal for those...
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  • Solar Lighting Tower for Night Repairing

    BIGLUX is the first cross-boundary lighthouse in the industry. BIGLUX has a professional factory and a high-tech design and development team, perfect service and after-sales staff, and provides all-round services to customers. This machine provides our customers with the...
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