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  • Full Auto Rechargeable Portable Lighting Tower

    BIGLUX automatic recharge portable lighting tower lights, very environmental protection, fashion safe, effective convert solar energy into electrical energy, make full use of the solar energy, fully automatic recharge portable lighting tower lamp it is small and convenient...
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  • Solar Portable Lighting Tower

    The compact footprint and ease of use are two main features that make the solar portable lighting tower light tower one of the top models in the Generac Tower Light range. High performance balanced with low cost allowed the solar portable lighting tower to became the...
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  • Towable Lighting Tower

    A new design of the towable lighting tower one of the, most innovative and revolutionary models in the Generac Tower Light range! towable lighting tower is a mobile light tower which can be powered by an external power source like a power generator, the main or another light...
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  • Solar Towable Lighting Tower

    Biglux manufactures the most mordern vehicle-mounted solar light towers for different kinds of applications, intergrated with led flood lights, solar panels, solar storage battery, smart mppt solar charge controller.
    Reasonable price, stable quality, easy operation give...
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  • Movable Lighting Tower

    The mobile lighting tower is a new lighting tower equipped with 4x120W high efficiency LED lighting. It is one of the most lightweight mobile lighting towers in the mobile product range.
    Due to the practical manual handcart and light weight, a single operator can handle...
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  • Solar Movable Lighting Tower

    The new version of tower solar mobile lighting has powerful LED lights that illuminate large working areas.
    Steel frame
    A more resistant ceiling and reinforced frame protects the front of the machine, making tower solar mobile lighting a perfect lighting tower for...
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  • Removable Lighting Tower

    Removable lighting tower is the best-selling lightweight tower model on the market outside Europe because it has vertical masts and universal high quality tower lights.
    The vertical mast
    A telescopic vertical mast with manual lifting system with a maximum height of...
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  • Solar Removable Lighting Tower

    Biglux is an enterprise specializing in the sales and production of small road roller, compact road roller, mobile lighting vehicle and other construction machinery. Our products are widely used, and our equipment is favored by many companies. More and more companies are...
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  • Night Work Lighting Tower

    Compact floor area and easy to use are two main features, making night work lighting tower one of the top models in the generator tower light range.The balance between high performance and low cost makes night work lighting tower a popular model outside Europe.
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  • Sports Event Light Towers

    • Telescoping tower deploys with dual winches
    • High-efficiency light fixtures provide uniform light pattern
    • Lights can be individually aimed without tools
    • Durable fixtures resist shock and last longer
    • Lights operate at any height
    • Rotating...
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  • Sports Center LED Light Towers

    9m hydraulically operated telescopic mast
    320 mast rotation
    Available in 4x80w, 4x100w, 4x120w, 4x140w LED lamps
    Galvanized mast and powder coated canopy
    Electronic controlled hydraulic system with sustaining valves and hydraulic locks
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  • Sports Venue Solar Light Towers

    Biglux sports center led light towers generator provides light without noise, and without an external power supply. The energy-efficient LEDs on these vehicle trailer mountedsolar led light towers are powered by batteries, which are charged automatically via adjustable solar...
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