Solar panel packaging information and process(8)
Jan 16, 2019

Electrical performance test

8.1 Preparation

Open the air compressor according to the equipment operation rules, adjust the air pressure to be greater than 0.4Mpa-0.6Mpa, and the air must be dry and clean. Turn on the main power switch (Main Discoonect) on the back of the analog station and the power indicator will light. Press the "HV Enable" button to turn on the high voltage. Turn on the computer and double-click the test software icon to open the test software.

8.2 Overview of the work:

Final assembly of the assembly with the junction box installed.

8.3 Component Testing

Parameter correction: In the test software, call the saved standard component parameter file or press the above parameter parameter (Parameters) button, enter the various parameters of the standard component in the pop-up dialog box; click on the HV at the test software. ON button to activate high voltage. Press the “Run” button to start the test; adjust the parameter values in the parameter settings (Parameters) against the electrical performance parameters of the standard components, so that the test meets the electrical performance parameters of the standard components (Isc deviation ±1%, Voc deviation ±1% Pmax deviation) ±1%).

Test procedure: Place the components to be tested on the test bench, clamp the positive and negative electrodes with positive and negative clips, open the computer measurement button, press the test button to test the computer to automatically draw the volt-ampere characteristic curve, and record the test data. Remove the battery pack after testing and save the original test data. After all the tests are completed, click the "Off" position on the HV on the test software to turn off the high voltage. Exit the test software and shut down the computer. Press "HV Disable" to turn off the high voltage. Turn off the main power switch on the back of the test bench and turn off the air compressor power.


8.4 Quality requirements:

1 The inside of the module is free of air bubbles, obvious foreign matter, and debris.

2 There is no misalignment and splicing between the battery sheets.

3 electrical performance in line with technical documentation requirements.

4 There is no residue or dirt left on the surface of the component.

8.5 Note:

1 During the test, at the beginning of the test and after 3 hours of continuous testing, standard battery components should be used for proofreading, and the light intensity and test temperature should be adjusted in time.

2 Save the raw data of the electrical performance test in the computer.

3 Complete the label and barcode identification according to the relevant procedures, and make trace data records.

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