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  • 12V 200AH Solar Energy Storage Battery

    This battery USES high quality formula material, good performance of low temperature discharge, long cycle life; The positive and negative electrode plate fan adopts new material and mechanism design, with strong anti-corrosion ability, small contact resistance with active...
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  • 12V 250AH Solar Energy Storage Battery

    Our company has a management team with new structure, strong cohesion and advanced management philosophy. Excellent team management provides strong support and guarantee for the company's product r&d, manufacturing and market development.
    Welcome your arrival and...
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  • 12V 100AH AGM Battery

    We are professional and serious in making batteries, and our quality is also capable of being tested. Short charging time, fast charging; Low temperature and long service life.
    We have a professional research and development team, a professional production workshop, to...
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  • 12V 150AH AGM Battery

    Our battery production and manufacturing process, the battery through 37 assembly and testing procedures, each battery is strictly through short circuit, welding, gas tightness, acid leakage and other appearance and function inspection, there is a standard step by step, the...
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  • 12V 200AH AGM Battery

    Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, professionalism, realism, innovation and progress", and independently designed, developed, produced and sold environment-friendly lithium batteries and valve-controlled sealed...
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  • 12V 250AH AGM Battery

    The company will continue to take the market as the orientation, the benefit as the center, the science and technology as the foundation of the guiding ideology, always adhere to "quality oriented, continuous improvement; We are committed to providing quality products and...
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  • 12V 100AH Off-grid Solar Storage Battery

    Adhering to the principle of "never forget the original intention, we will always gain", constantly reserve talents, strengthen scientific and technological investment and technological innovation, take improving product quality and service as the goal, constantly improve our...
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  • 12V 150AH Off-grid Solar Storage Battery

    The battery has the features of no acid leakage, small resistance, vibration resistance, strong anti-overdischarge recovery, small self-discharge and long life.
    Tight equipment, no leakage, no acid pollution; It doesn't need to be used in a particular environment; No...
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  • 12V 200AH Off-grid Solar Storage Battery

    Long - life grid and alloy design, effective corrosion resistance; High current discharge characteristics, charging performance, superior deep discharge recovery capability, increased battery life.The design life of floating charge is longer.
    The new design technology of...
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  • 12V 250AH Off-grid Solar Storage Battery

    Reasonable installation and structural design pole column design and compact overall structure design, easy installation and disassembly, easy maintenance. The unique production technology and special structure design are adopted to ensure the safety and sealing of the...
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