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Mono Solar Panel

  • Mono Crystalline Solar Panel 340W

    This model of Mono crystalline solar panel maximum power can be up to 360W. The application of single mono crystalline back passivization and aluminum backfield technology can effectively improve the long wave response of solar cells in the weak light environment, ensuring...
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  • 150W Mono Solar Panel

    -High power module using 6" mono-crystalline solar cells. -Bypass diode minimizes power drop by shade. -Using optical low iron tempered glass, EVA laminate and Tedlar backsheet. ‧Anodize aluminum frame protected. -Manufactured in ISO 9001: 2000 certified facility. -Power...
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  • 270W Mono Solar Panel

    1. Build in rechargeable battery charged by solar panel
    2. With LED bulbs, charging cables, torch light build-in, radio, MP3 player
    3. Used for home lighting, phone charging, small DC household appliances charging, camping ect.
    4. High quality assurance and...
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  • 300W Mono Solar Panel

    1. All solar module produces without any aberration or bubble.
    2. Back sheet is TPT&PET, and the thickness is 0.3mm.
    3. The thickness of EVA is 0.4mm, better than other company use 0.3mm or 0.35mm. We use new EVA material, not the overdue, the overdue EVA will...
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  • 350W Mono Solar Panel

    1. Tempered glass with 3.2mm has advantages of high strength, impact resistance, good light transmittance.
    2. The solar cells made in Taiwan, high efficiency, low attenuation, the attenuation is less than 10% within 5 years and less than 15% within 10 years.
    3. The...
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