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Can Mobile Solar Light Tower Work Even No Sun?
Jan 11, 2019

One of the most beautiful moment I am very for sure is parents-and-kids talking before going to sleep.

Last night, my 5 years old son Jerry asked me about my work and our company. 

Jerry:  Mummy,  What's your company do? 

Me:  Sweet boy, we are supplying the mobile solar lighting tower, which can reach the most energy saving effect by adopping the advantage of latest LED lighting and solar technology. We make them, and ship them to other countries to help those who just experienced the earthquare, where there is no power no light in these situations.

Jerry:  Solar light tower?  sounds interesting.

Me:  Yeah, our mobile solar lighting tower is more than solar light tower, it could be mobile solar energy fully featured with commucation platform, CCTV camera or power charging. it can also be used for military trainning, construction site,  mining site or oil field, some of them are also used for parking lot lighting, sports lighting etc.

Jerry: Mum, I would like to design a TRANSFORMERS style mobile energy trailer for you when I group up. I have 3 plans.

Firstly, I will let mobile solar energy trailer still create energy even in the raining day; 

Secondly, I would like to make the solar panel change as TRANSFORMERS, so it could help more and more people during accident or emergency, or could be as a house for workers to rest during the raining day.  

Thirdly, also most importantly, I would like to design it as drone home,  my drones team can find their home automatically and come back to charge the power by themselves.

Me:  That sounds great!  How do you know that mobile solar light tower can not work during the rainning day? 

Jerry: Because there is no sun during the raining, I think your solar light tower can not work when there is no sun. 

Me: hahahaha.... No, our solar light tower can consistly work for 21hours during rainning or cloudly day. but I like your creative ideas, and I hope you can make it come true soon. Because it is true that some lighting tower will be used for military force, film making site, or sports meeting, in which case, drones are used a lot and they really need to come back and charge power. 

mobile solar light tower work no sun

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