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Mining Light Tower

  • Portable Mines Light Towers

    The product of the power of solar panels, battery capacity, the power of light source before ratio can be combined with local actual situation to do a specific design, automatic control system + constant current driver, fully guarantee the life of the LED light source and...
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  • Mobile Mining LED Light Towers

    Biglux boutique make focus on the future, the pursuit of quality, embodied in the product details, seat a conscientious producers, we will not blindly to cut corners in order to seek exorbitant profits, squeezing costs, we will always put the customer as god, to ensure the...
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  • High Power Mining Solar Light Towers

    IP66 waterproof plug - in connector for field maintenance. With special structural design, lightweight components (mainly modules and power supplies) can be easily assembled and dismantled with the help of tools from a convenient and safe point of view.
    The machine is...
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  • Mining Solar Mobile Light Towers

    This product is Europe is selling mobile tower, a vertical mast and high quality features, we use the digital control, the design concept of artificialization, makes this lighthouse lighter weight, more convenient operation, mobile more convenient. Suitable for railway,...
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  • Solar Mobile Light Towers for Mining

    Biglux focus solar street light, LED street light, LED lamps and lanterns, high lamp, solar traffic lights, traffic lights, solar energy battery components, electronic accessories, LED lighting flood lighting lamps and lanterns and equipment research and development,...
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  • Super Bright Mining Portable Light Towers

    The product is powered by a battery powered by an energy-efficient light-emitting diode on an led lighthouse, which is charged automatically by an adjustable solar panel. Our technology is the latest LED technology in this industry. This product according to local traffic...
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  • Mining Towable Light Towers

    The product is crystalline silicon solar battery power supply, valve control type sealed and maintenance-free battery store electricity, super bright LED as light source, lamps and lanterns and controlled by the intelligent charging and discharging controller, used to replace...
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  • Mining Movable Light Towers

    Biglux is a professional and integrated manufacturer of solar street lamp.
    • This product has good photoelectric conversion rate, sensitive induction and durability. High brightness, long life, soft light, high transmittance. High stress, strong hardness, non -...
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As one of the most professional mining light tower manufacturers in China, our factory provides high quality products with low price. Please feel free to wholesale bulk mining light tower made in China from our factory.
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