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Portable Solar Lighting Tower

Portable Solar Lighting Tower

BIGLUX “CUBE" Series mobile solar lighting tower provides easy-to-use, maintenance-free, reliable long-term illumination in a compact way. The lighting fixtures use the newly designed LED luminaires to provide uniform brightness coverage and are superior to traditional metal halide bulbs in terms of durability, service life and efficiency. At the same time, it is also a small mobile solar generator that uses solar power to generate zero emissions and zero pollution power.
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By utilize the advantage of solar renewable energy and high efficient of LED lighting technology , BIGLUX solar light tower  achieves zero fuel cost and zero noise compared to conventional fuel generators. It is more suitable for night time work. The advanced light pole design and multi-purpose function, in addition to the lighting device, you can also choose to equip the camera, audio and other equipment to meet your specific needs. 

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